Professor Marion Campbell

Professor Marion Campbell
Professor Marion Campbell
Professor Marion Campbell

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, CStat, FSS, FFPH, FSCT, FRSE, FMedSci

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School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition


Professor Marion Campbell is Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Aberdeen.   She is also co-Director of the RCSEng Aberdeen Surgical Trials Centre. Marion is a medical statistician by training, a clinical trialist and methodologist. Her main research interests are in the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials especially complex trial design and the design and conduct of surgical and device trials. She has published widely on clinical trials methodology including on cluster randomised trials, design of trials of surgical interventions, pragmatic trials and trials reporting.  She has served on many national and international funding agencies and committees and is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Faculty of Public Health, and the International Society for Clinical Trials and is a previous NIHR senior investigator.

Previously Marion was Vice-Principal (Research) for the University of Aberdeen. In this role, she had primary responsibility for promoting the University's research ambitions, ensuring effective delivery of the University's strategic objectives for research. and for enabling a research context for academic colleagues to deliver world-leading, impactful research.  She also led on the establishment of interdisciplinary research across the institution.  Prior to this, Marion was Dean of Research for Life Sciences and Medicine following ten years as Director of the Scottish government core-funded Health Services Research Unit.

Marion graduated with an honours degree in Statistics from the University of Aberdeen and subsequently gained an MSc in Statistics and PhD in Public Health.  Following early career appointments within the National Health Service in the fields of Operational Research and Statistics of Medical Audit, she joined the University of Aberdeen in 1993.  


External Memberships

Chair. MRC Better Methods Better Research Panel

Member of REF2021 UoA2 sub-panel


Research Overview

Marion’s main research interests are in the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials especially complex trial design and the design and conduct of surgical and device trials.  She has also published widely on clinical trials methodology including on cluster randomised trials, design of trials of non-pharmacological interventions, pragmatic trials and trials reporting. 

Some examples of current and recent research include:

REINFORCE: The NIHR-funded REINFORCE study aims to evaluation the introduction and scale up of robot-assisted surgery across the NHS.  Further information is available at:

UK-REBOA: The NIHR-funded UK-REBOA trial aims to establish the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA), in addition to standard major trauma centre treatment, for the treatment of patients with life-threatening torso haemorrhage.  The trial is currently live across major trauma centres in England.  Further information is available on the trial website:

TOPKAT: The NIHR-funded TOPKAT trial is investigating the clinical and cost effectiveness of partial (PKR) vs total (THR) knee replacements.  The trial recruited 528 patients from across the UK.  Five year results have been published in the Lancet ( and showed that PKR has similar, if not a slightly better clinical outcome than TKR. More importantly, the economic benefit of using PKR is substantial.  Patients are now being followed up to 10 years.

CLASS: The NIHR-funded CLASS trial is assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of three treatment modalities for the treatment of varicose veins: a) foam; b) EVLA with subsequent foam to varicosities when required; and c) surgery.  A total of 798 adult patients were recruited into the trial and randomised to one of the treatment options.  Six weeks results have been published in the NEJM (  Five year follow-up is now complete.

KAT: The NIHR-funded KAT trial, explores different knee replacement surgery options (the effects of patellar resurfacing, mobile bearings and metal backing were investigated). A total of 116 surgeons in 34 UK centres participated and 2352 participants were randomised.  Ten year outcomes were previously published (; long term follow up to 20 years is underway.

Research Areas

Applied Health Sciences

Research Specialisms

  • Healthcare Science
  • Medical Statistics

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.


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