Professor Ehud Reiter

Professor Ehud Reiter
Professor Ehud Reiter

Professor Ehud Reiter

Chair in Computing Science.


Meston 243
Department of Computing Science
University of Aberdeen
King's College
AB24 3UE


I split my time between Aberdeen University and Arria NLG.

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships
  • Research ethics
External Memberships

Research Overview

Current Interests

  • Natural language generation
  • Data-to-text

Current Research Students

  • Jawwad Baig
  • Simone Balloccu
  • Stephanie Inglis
  • Kittipitch Kuptavanich
  • Francesco Moramarco
  • Jaime Sevilla
  • Barkavi Sundararajan
  • Craig Thomson
  • Allmin Pradhap Singh Susaiyah (Eindhoven) (part of PhilHumans)

Past Research Students

See my blog for a list of past research students I have supervised.


The CLAN (Computational Linguistics at Aberdeen) resesarch group meets at 4PM every Wednesday.  Every week we discuss a research paper, idea, proposal, etc.  CLAN meetings are open to everyone, contact me for more information or to be put on the mailing list.

I try to tweet CLAN information on @EhudReiter. Feel free to subscribe, most of my tweets are relevant to NLG research. Similarly my blog ( is mostly about NLG research.


I am helping with funded projects at other universities:

Funding and Grants

  • Philhumans (EU) (2019-2023) - Using AI to support personal health apps.
  • NL4XAI (EU) (2019-2023) - Explaining AI reasoning in natural language
  • ReproHum (EPSRC) (2021-2023) - Investigating Reproducibility of Human Evaluations in Natural Language Processing

Teaching Responsibilities

  • CS5063: Engineering and Evaluation of AI Systems (MSc)
  • CS551H: Natural Language Generation (MSc)

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  • Shared Task on Evaluating Accuracy

    Reiter, E., Thomson, C. A.
    Contributions to Conferences: Papers
  • How are you?: Introducing stress-based text tailoring

    Balloccu, S., Reiter, E., Johnstone, A., Fyfe, C.
    Contributions to Conferences: Papers
  • Iterative Neural Scoring of Validated Insight Candidates

    Susaiyah, A., Harma, A., Reiter, E., Petkovic, M.
    Contributions to Conferences: Papers
  • SportSett: Basketball - A robust and maintainable dataset for Natural Language Generation

    Thomson, C., Reiter, E., Sripada, S.
    Contributions to Conferences: Papers
  • A NLG framework for user tailoring and profiling in healthcare

    Balloccu, S., Pauws, S., Reiter, E.
    Proceedings of SmartPHIL: 1st Workshop on Smart Personal Health Interfaces. ACM pp. 13-32, 20 pages.
    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings
  • Towards a Generalised Framework for Behaviour Insight Mining

    Susaiyah, A., H¨arm¨a, A., Reiter, E., Helaoui, R., Petkovi, M.
    Proceedings of SmartPHIL: 1st Workshop on Smart Personal Health Interfaces. ACM.
    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings
  • A System for Automatic English Text Expansion

    García-Méndez, S., Fernández-Gavilanes, M., Costa-Montenegro, E., Juncal-Martínez, J., González-Castaño, F. J., Reiter, E.
    IEEE Access, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 123320-123333
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Natural Language Generation Challenges for Explainable AI

    Reiter, E. B.
    Contributions to Conferences: Papers
  • Making Effective Use of Healthcare Data Using Data-to-Text Technology

    Pauws, S., Gatt, A., Krahmer, E., Reiter, E.
    Data Science for Healthcare. Consoli, S., Recupero, D. R., Petkovic, M. (eds.). Springer, pp. 119-145, 27 pages
    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters (Peer-Reviewed)
  • Fuzzy-Based Language Grounding of Geographical References: From Writers to Readers

    Ramos, A., Alonso, J. M., Reiter, E., Van Deemter, K., Gatt, A.
    International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 970 - 983
    Contributions to Journals: Articles


Books and Reports

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