Professor Claude Wischik

Professor Claude Wischik
Professor Claude Wischik

Professor Claude Wischik

Chair in Mental Health (Clin)


TauRx Therapeutics Ltd

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United Kingdom


Research Overview

Molecular Neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease, and in particular the therapeutic intervention of tau pathology


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  • Efficacy and safety of tau-aggregation inhibitor therapy in patients with mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease: a randomised, controlled, double-blind, parallel-arm, phase 3 trial

    Gauthier, S., Feldman, H. H., Schneider, L. S., Wilcock, G. K., Frisoni, G. B., Hardlund, J. H., Moebius, H. J., Bentham, P., Kook, K. A., Wischik, D. J., Schelter, B. O., Davis, C. S., Staff, R. T., Bracoud, L., Shamsi, K., Storey, J. M. D., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M.
    The Lancet, vol. 388, no. 10062, pp. 2873-2884
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  • Inhibition of Tau Aggregation as a Basis for Treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

    Wischik, C. M., Storey, J. M. D., Wischik, D. J., Harrington, C. R.
    Developing Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease. Wolfe, M. S. (ed.). Elsevier Inc., pp. 385-436, 52 pages
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  • Absence of a Role for Phosphorylation in the Tau Pathology of Alzheimer's Disease

    Lai, R. Y. K., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M.
    Biomolecules, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 1-19
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  • Tau Protein Hyperphosphorylation and Aggregation in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Tauopathies, and Possible Neuroprotective Strategies

    Šimić, G., Babić Leko, M., Wray, S., Harrington, C., Delalle, I., Jovanov-Milošević, N., Bažadona, D., Buée, L., de Silva, R., Giovanni, G. D., Wischik, C., Hof, P. R.
    Biomolecules, vol. 6, no. 1, 6
    Contributions to Journals: Review articles
  • Neural correlates of cognitive and behavioural impairments in behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia: A voxel based morphometry analysis

    Vuksanovic, V., Staff, R., Ahearn, T., Morson, S. M., Bentham, P., Murray, A. D., Wischik, C. M.
    SINAPSE Annual Scientific Meeting (2016)
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  • Phenothiazine compounds for treating mild cognitive impairment

    Wischik, C. M., Harbaran, D. V., Riedel, G., Deiana, S., Goatman, E. A., Wischik, D. J., Murray, A. D., Staff, R. T.
    Patents: Patents
  • Different pathways of molecular pathophysiology underlie cognitive and motor tauopathy phenotypes in transgenic models for Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal lobar degeneration

    Melis, V., Zabke, C., Stamer, K., Magbagbeolu, M., Schwab, K., Marshall, P., Weh, R. W., Bachmann, S., Deiana, S., Moreau, P. H., Davidson, K., Harrington, K. A., Rickard, J. E., Horsley, D., Garman, R., Mazurkiewicz, M., Niewiadomska, G., Wischik, C. M., Harrington, C. R., Riedel, G., Theuring, F.
    Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, vol. 72, no. 11, pp. 2199-2222
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  • Effects of oxidized and reduced forms of methylthioninium in two transgenic mouse tauopathy models

    Melis, V., Magbagbeolu, M., Rickard, J. E., Horsley, D., Davidson, K., Harrington, K. A., Goatman, K., Goatman, E. A., Deiana, S., Close, S. P., Zabke, C., Stamer, K., Dietze, S., Schwab, K., Storey, J. M. D., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M., Theuring, F., Riedel, G.
    Behavioural Pharmacology, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 353-368
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  • Cellular Models of Aggregation-Dependent Template-Directed Proteolysis to Characterize Tau Aggregation Inhibitors for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

    Harrington, C. R., Storey, J. M. D., Clunas, S., Harrington, K. A., Horsley, D., Ishaq, A., Kemp, S. J., Larch, C. P., Marshall, C., Nicoll, S. L., Rickard, J. E., Simpson, M., Sinclair, J. P., Storey, L. J., Wischik, C. M.
    The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 290, no. 17, pp. 10862-10875
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  • The relationship between truncation and phosphorylation at the C-terminus of tau protein in the paired helical filaments of Alzheimer's disease

    Flores-Rodríguez, P., Ontiveros-Torres, M. A., Cárdenas-Aguayo, M. C., Luna-Arias, J. P., Meraz-Ríos, M. A., Viramontes-Pintos, A., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M., Mena, R., Florán-Garduño, B., Luna-Muñoz, J.
    Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 9, 33
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