Professor Claude Wischik

Professor Claude Wischik
Professor Claude Wischik

Professor Claude Wischik

Chair in Mental Health (Clin)


TauRx Therapeutics Ltd

1st Floor, Sir Moir Lockhead Building

395 King Street


AB24 5RP

United Kingdom


Research Overview

Molecular Neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease, and in particular the therapeutic intervention of tau pathology


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  • A Protein Aggregation Inhibitor, Leuco-Methylthioninium Bis(Hydromethanesulfonate), Decreases α-Synuclein Inclusions in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Synucleinopathy

    Schwab, K., Frahm, S., Horsley, D., Rickard, J. E., Melis, V., Goatman, E. A., Magbagbeolu, M., Douglas, M., Leith, M. G., Baddeley, T. C., Storey, J. M. D., Riedel, G., Wischik, C. M., Harrington, C. R., Theuring, F.
    Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, vol. 10, 447
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  • Potential of Low Dose Leuco-Methylthioninium Bis(Hydromethanesulphonate) (LMTM) Monotherapy for Treatment of Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: Cohort Analysis as Modified Primary Outcome in a Phase III Clinical Trial

    Wilcock, G. K., Gauthier, S., Frisoni, G. B., Jia, J., Hardlund, J. H., Moebius, H. J., Bentham, P., Kook, K. A., Schelter, B. O., Wischik, D. J., Davis, C. S., Staff, R. T., Vuksanovic, V., Ahearn, T., Bracoud, L., Shamsi, K., Marek, K., Seibyl, J., Riedel, G., Storey, J. M. D., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M.
    Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. 61, no. 1, pp. 435-457
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  • Alzheimer's Disease-like Paired Helical Filament Assembly from Truncated Tau Protein Is Independent of Disulfide Crosslinking

    Al-Hilaly, Y. K., Pollack, S. J., Vadukul, D., Citossi, F., Rickard, J. E., Simpson, M., Storey, J. M. D., Harrington, C. R., Wischik, C. M., Serpell, L. C.
    Journal of Molecular Biology, vol. 429, no. 23, pp. 3650-3665
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  • The effect of latent confounding processes on the estimation of the strength of causal influences in chain-type networks

    Shiells, H. C., Thiel, M., Wischik, C., Schelter, B.
    Medical Research Archives , vol. 5, no. 9, 1298
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  • Organisation of cortical thickness networks in Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia across brain lobes

    Vuksanovic, V., Staff, R., Ahearn, T., Bentham, P., Murray, A. D., Wischik, C. M.
    6th Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium
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  • Method and system for determining network connections

    Sommerlade, L., Schelter, B., Wischik, C.
    Patents: Patents

    Schwab, K., Frahm, S., Magbagbeolu, M., A. Goatman, E., R. Harrington, C., M. Wischik, C., Theuring, F.
    Alzheimer's and Dementia, vol. 13, no. 7 Suppl., pp. P945-P945
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  • Monoaminergic Neuropathology in Alzheimer's disease

    Šimić, G., Leko, M. B., Wray, S., Harrington, C. R., Delalle, I., Jovanov-Milošević, N., Bažadona, D., Buée, L., Silva, R. d., Giovanni, G. D., Wischik, C. M., Hof, P. R.
    Progress in Neurobiology, vol. 151, pp. 101-138
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  • Distinct anatomical subtypes of behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia and involvement of intrinsic brain networks: a clustering study

    Vuksanovic, V., Staff, R., Ahearn, T. S., Morson, S. M., Bentham, P., Murray, A. D., Wischik, C. M.
    Alzheimer Research UK (2017)
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  • Assays for the Screening and Characterization of Tau Aggregation Inhibitors

    Rickard, J. E., Horsley, D., Wischik, C. M., Harrington, C. R.
    Tau Protein. Smet-Nocca, C. (ed.). Springer, pp. 129-140, 12 pages
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