A Journey Down the River Dee

A Journey Down the River Dee

The latest instalment of the University of Aberdeen’s popular Café Scientifique Aberdeenshire series will be held at Banchory’s Woodend Barn on Tuesday April 12.

Dr Kirsty Blackstock, from the James Hutton Institute (formerly the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) will take the audience on A Journey Down the River Dee.

She will consider how water quality and quantity is essential for humans but also for the health of our rivers and lochs.

Dr Blackstock, who will be accompanied by Dr Susan Cooksley,  Project Officer for the Dee Catchment Management Partnership, said: “There are four key reasons why our rivers falls below the desired ecological standard –unnatural interference such as putting in weirs or straightening the channel, withdrawing water, sources of pollution and invasive species.

“I will consider each of these issues and what is being done to improve and protect the Dee. This will extend to what those in the audience can do to help the health of the river from the maintenance of septic tanks to an awareness of what goes into the waste water system.”

Café Scientifique Aberdeenshire will offer an opportunity to discuss how we can link social, cultural and economic issues to catchment management.

Dr Ken Skeldon from the University of Aberdeen’s Public Engagement with Science Unit said:  “Deeside has been shaped by the River Dee so Dr Blackstock’s insights into how we manage this important resource should be of wide interest.

“The aim of Café Scientifique Shire is to provide the public with the chance to gain real insights from leading lights in the world of science and engage in discussion and debate.

“A wide range of topical issues will be covered over the course of the series which runs monthly until June.

“We warmly welcome anyone to come along and get involved in our discussions.”

The event will take place in Buchanan’s Cafe at Banchory’s Woodend Barn at 7.30pm. Entry is free but booking is required by calling Woodend Barn on 01330 825431.

Cafe Scientifiquein Banchory is organised jointly by the University of Aberdeen and TechFest-SetPoint with support from the Scottish Government.

 For more information see: www.abdn.ac.uk/science/cafescience/