Deep vein thrombosis under the spotlight

Deep vein thrombosis under the spotlight

Each year one in every 1,000 people in the UK is affected by deep vein thrombosis DVT) – a blood clot in one of the deep veins in the body.

Surgery and some medical treatments can increase the risk of developing DVT.

And as the holiday season approaches concerns can be more keenly felt by people embarking on long haul flights.

On Monday (April 11) a free public talk, with ample opportunity for questions and discussion, on DVT will be given by haematology experts: Professor Mike Greaves, Head of the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Aberdeen, and Dr Henry Watson, Consultant Haematologist with NHS Grampian.

The talk is part of the University’s Café Med series and takes place at 6pm at the Suttie Centre at Foresterhill. It is open to all.

Professor Greaves outlined what Monday’s talk will cover: “We will discuss the nature of deep vein thrombosis and highlight those at particular risk and the measures which can be taken to protect against the condition.

“We will try to dispel some misconceptions about the risks, for example in long haul airline passengers.

“We will also explain how the condition is diagnosed and treated and explore some significant advances in antithrombotic treatments, including very promising new drugs which are likely to replace warfarin.”

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The Café Med sessions – like all the Café Scientifique events - are supported by a science engagement grant from the Scottish Government.