University launches Clearing advice as thousands receive exam results

University launches Clearing advice as thousands receive exam results

A team of experts from the University of Aberdeen will be on hand to provide information and advice for the thousands of Scottish school pupils who receive their exam results today (Wednesday 5 August).

Pupils who are unsuccessful in achieving the grades they require to enter their first choice university are being advised not to despair, as places are still available at the University through Clearing.

Over 40,000 people throughout the UK find a place at university or college through the Clearing system each year, providing a vital lifeline for students who have been unsuccessful in meeting the requirements for their conditional offer.

The University of Aberdeen Clearing dedicated hotline number 01224 273504email address and website, go live from 8am today.  Staff will be on hand to provide essential guidance for the potential students still hoping to secure a place at university or college.

Rachel Sandison, Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions, University of Aberdeen said: “Today is an extremely important and highly emotional day for the thousands of young people receiving their exam results – and it can be a time of either elation or unfortunately disappointment. 

“The Clearing process can be important not just for those who are unsuccessful in receiving the grades they required to meet their conditional offer, but also for those who fare better than they had expected.  

“Whether you have been unsuccessful but still wish to secure a place at university, if you have excelled and want to reconsider your options, or even have had a change of heart and want to apply to university in the first instance - Clearing can help students in all of these scenarios.”

Twenty-two-year-old Jonathon Yates from Southampton is studying for a degree in International Relations and Religion at the University of Aberdeen.  He had planned to go to an English university nearer to home but on receiving straight Bs in his A Level results felt he may have undersold himself, and began to research the other options which were out there for him.

Jonathon said: “When my exam results came through I was surprised to find that I had managed to exceed my predicted grades, getting straight B’s across the board. With this in mind I realised that maybe I should broaden my horizons and see if I could better myself in regard to my university placement via Clearing.

“I looked at various universities and was accepted quickly via the Clearing system for them - and Aberdeen stood out from the crowd. Not only did it have excellent league standings both nationally and internationally but unlike many of the English universities it provided a highly flexible degree course.

“This allows students to pick and choose from a variety of subjects pertaining to their main degree and encourages academic diversification in line with a student’s interests. 

“Within 15 minutes on the phone with the University’s Clearing team I had secured myself a place at the University. Despite the distance from home - all 600 miles - it has met and exceeded my expectations giving me a real sense of independence and a new place to call “home”. "

It is important that students considering entering Clearing approach the process as the start of a new beginning, rather than a last ditch option, as Rachel explained. 

“Clearing presents a vital opportunity to get a second bite at the cherry in fulfilling your dreams of a higher education, and for most the outcome is extremely positive. 

“The crucial message is be brave and pick up the phone.   We have a team of experts at the University ready and waiting to take calls and emails and provide vital information and guidance to help you discover what options are out there for you. “

For more information and full listings of Clearing vacancies at the University of Aberdeen visit or telephone the Clearing hotline on  01224 273504.  The hotline is open from Tuesday 5 August to Sunday 31 August – 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.   

The Clearing advisory team can also be contacted by email: