Topic outline

  • General

    Places; 30

    Course coordinator; Dr Clare Cooper

    Behaviour is an important predictor and determinant of health. In this course you will learn about the factors that influence and determine human behaviour and behaviour change.  You will learn how to help support your patients to engage in health promoting behaviours, such attending for screening and adhering to medication.  Course activities will enable you to experience the evidence you encounter on the course so you can better understand your own and your patients’ health behaviours.

    • What skills does the course develop?

      Intended Learning outcomes;

      • Understand and critically evaluate the role of behaviour in health and illness
      • Analyse a health relevant behaviour, identify its likely determinants and suggest techniques that could be used to change it
      • Self reflect on experience of the evidence encountered during the course and identify implications for own practice            

      • What will the timetable be like?

        Pre-recorded lecture material: 1-2 hrs per week

        Workshop: 2 hours per week

        • How will I be assessed?

          Patient Journey Infographic (50%) – You will produce an infographic that details key behavioural and psychological processes during the journey of a patient from initial symptoms to the clinic.

          Adherence Practical Report 750 word (50%) – You will be provided with a mock medication regimen and will be asked to adhere to that regimen for a 7-10 days.  You will produce a 750 word report giving a concise overview of their own adherence, identifying possible determinants of non-adherence/linking them to theory and making evidence based suggestions of what could support their adherence