Evaluating the behavioural intervention, organisational and health economic evidence base for adult obesity management

Evaluating the behavioural intervention, organisational and health economic evidence base for adult obesity management

This research included systematic reviews of trials of adult obesity management examining the most effective long-term interventions, behaviour change techniques to use, the effectiveness of group-based interventions, the best length and frequency for follow-up for interventions, the effectiveness of interventions given by community pharmacies, the effectiveness of interventions in older people, the effectiveness of interventions for men, and interventions for people with higher body mass indices. Two studies with patients, providers of services and policy makers, particularly examining the effects of group approaches. Examination of preferences for types of lifestyle intervention. Examination of Scottish health records for obesity related disease risk, prior to the evaluation of alternative approaches to obesity management. Pilot studies of group based lifestyle behaviour change programme, developed from this research.

Using lifestyle behaviour change techniques based on psychological control theory, social cognitive theory, and social comparison theory, improves weight loss. Group-based obesity management is as least as effective as that delivered to the individual. Incentives, such as financial incentives, should be researched to aid weight loss. Simple advice on healthy eating and physical activity, with limited support, are unlikely to produce at least 5-10% long-term weight loss. This degree of long-term weight loss requires more intensive programmes particularly with a focus on a reduction in calorie intake, physical activity and lifestyle behaviour change support. The NHS has limited capacity for this type of support for weight management in obesity. NHS staff need greater training in lifestyle behaviour change techniques and working with groups. Scarce NHS resources need to be targeted at those at highest risk of obesity-related disease, who are most likely to benefit from these programmes.



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