HERU Research

HERU aims to deliver research into economic approaches to health and health care at standards of international excellence; to develop and apply economic techniques to improve health care and population health in Scotland and make available to the health service a body of expertise in health economics.

Research at HERU is structured into four themes. More information on each Theme is available in the individual Theme pages. Current and previous projects are also outlined in the Theme pages.

The four Themes are:

Research in the Workforce and Organisation of Care Theme examines how financial and non-financial incentives and constraints influence the behaviour and performance of individuals and the organisation of care within the healthcare sector.

Research in the Health Behaviour Theme contributes to the evidence base relating to the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of public health interventions and to the understanding of inequalities in health and health behaviour.

Research in the Assessment of Technologies Theme brings together information on the effectiveness and cost of health care interventions to promote the efficient use of scarce healthcare resources by the NHS and the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates.

Research in the Methods of Benefit Valuation Theme develops and refines economic methods of valuing health and healthcare. Research in this theme combines methodological research with applications to challenging settings. The methodological research combines surveys, field experiments, laboratory experiments and qualitative research methods to better understand how to elicit the values that individuals, patients and society place on health and healthcare.