NNPAC Data Studies

NNPAC Data Studies

Applications for the Grampian Data Safe Haven (DaSH) are made through NNPAC which is the North Node Privacy Advisory Committee.  The remit of this Committee is to provide researchers with access to NHS patient/health data within NHS Grampian for research purposes via a streamlined approach that incorporates Sponsorship, Ethics, Caldicott & R&D.

Guidance for Applicants

The application should be carried out in collaboration with the Grampian Data Safe Haven and their process is outline below:

  • Contact DaSH to discuss data management protocol
  • Complete NNPAC application form
  • Submit application form and supporting documentation to nnpac@abdn.ac.uk
  • Application reviewed and any other permissions reviewed
  • Approval for project
  • Contact DaSH for data linkage plan to commence
  • Begin Project

More information can be found at www.abdn.ac.uk/iahs/facilities/gramian-data-safe-haven


Application Documents

Forms Notes
Application Form All applications must be submitted to nnpac@abdn.ac.uk using this form.
Guidance and Processes for NNPAC Application Guidance document to assist with completion of form. Any additional queries please contact DaSH.
Amendment Form Changes to study.
Annual Progress Report Form A progress report should be submitted 12 months after the date on which the study was approved and annually thereafter. 
End of Study Form To be completed once your study has ended.