Enabling Fund for Public Engagement with Research

Enabling Fund for Public Engagement with Research

Enabling Fund 2022 - 2023

The fund aims to enable research-led public engagement activities that for a lack of funding may not otherwise take place. Our funds will help researchers reach public audiences and to enable impact through public engagement activities.

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For 2022 - 2023 there are three categories of funding available.

Small awards category – up to the value of £500

These awards will be for those who apply for money to take part in one of our events (such as Explorathon, British Science Week, UNI-Versal, Events in May (tbc)) or external events (such as Techfest, Festival of Politics, Chemistry Week or one of the regional Festivals).  

Applications for this category will be welcome through this current financial year. 

Standalone awards category – up to the value of £1000

These awards are for researchers to develop an entirely novel PE activity that is not related to a wider event and will therefore have more costs – such as marketing and advertising.  

Deadline for applications: Friday 23 December 

Partnership grant awards category – up to the value of £1500

£1500 to create and support opportunities to engage that build or further a meaningful partnership or relationship with a community or community group. 

Deadline for applications: Friday 23 December.

Awarding Criteria
  • Help establish impact. 
  • Prioritise applications which feature responsible Research and Innovation – such as embedding SDGs and EDI into the proposed activity.  
  • Emphasise two way engagement – help to make your research more people centred to learn more about the lived experience that your research touches on. 
  • Your application must show that evaluation is a considered and tailored as part of your planning. 
  • Applications may be made by an individual (the lead applicant) who is a current employee or PGR Student with the University of Aberdeen. 
  • Be prepared to spend the allocated money by the end of the 2022-2023 University financial year.