Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Participating in research as an undergraduate provides an excellent perspective into how clinical problems may be addressed through research. Students interested in research and education are encouraged to seek opportunities to engage in active research programmes. 

Testimonials from BDS Summer Scholars

Chelsea Cook

 I undertook a summer scholarship in both 2021 and 2022. I initially decided to apply for a summer scholarship because I had come from an academic research background and wanted to merge these skills with a dental related project. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer research project. The best part was when the article I wrote in 2021 on Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation was published in the Pediatric Dental Journal. 

Having research experience in dentistry will help a lot with my future career. It has already helped me in terms of the knowledge I gained through reading articles. It is a great thing to add to a CV and having a first author published article can be helpful when applying to future roles such as DCT or specialist routes. 

There are no real negatives to completing a summer research project. Successful applicants can improve their research and academic writing skills, learn dental related knowledge and get experience with presenting their work. 


Chloe Horsefall

I received the ASRS scholarship during my first year and the INSPIRE scholarship during my third year of the BDS degree. I love getting involved and was interested early in the summer research opportunities. I also felt that the hands-on research experience would only improve my critical thinking, especially for evidence-based practice in dentistry.

As a result, my research skills improved, and I developed strategic ways to approach projects. I particularly enjoyed taking part in the Summer Symposium of 2019 with other BDS students, it was a great atmosphere.

Taking an active role in research opportunities within the university not only added to my co-curricular transcript but also made me feel more like a part of the university. Throughout, I networked with different members of faculty, clinicians, and students from other years.

These experiences helped develop my problem-solving skills, self-confidence and time management. They are all relevant transferable skills that can be applied to many areas of dentistry, helping me become a well-rounded young professional. It’s been an invaluable experience and I would recommend anyone interested to apply.


Shirleen Hallang

My BDS summer research scholarship at the Institute of Dentistry was my first exposure to oral microbiology, with my project titled “The role of Staphylococcus aureus in the oral cavity”. My project continued to add to my strong interest in dental research and after dentistry,

I took up the first Academic Dental Foundation training post in the UK. I am now on an academic training pathway as a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at dental core training level. My current research project investigates host-pathogen interactions in the context of oral microbiology, with links to the cardiovascular system, which has now become my research theme of interest.

Previous Research Projects
  • Molecular mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus resistance to a potential repurposed anti-bacterial compound, Mhairi McGowan, 2019
  • Clinical factors associated with poor response to first line treatment in oral lichen planus, Mairi Cameron, 2019
  • Silver diamine fluoride use in children with dental problems: A literature review, Izabela Wojslaw, 2019
  • Advances in Head and neck Immunotherapy - Characterization of CTLA-4 expression in head and neck cancer cell lines, Rory Maciver, 2019
  • The effectiveness of digital prep-analysis technology in teaching dental clinical skills: A Systematic Review of the Literature, Chloe Horsfall, 2019
  • Can dental student learning be enhanced using peer assessment? A review of the literature, Nishu Chhantyal, 2019
  • An audit investigating the referrals to a hospital based paediatric department. Kelvin Onyinah, 2018
  • The association between trigeminal neuralgia and multiple sclerosis - a review, Vlad-Costin Iliescu, 2018
  • The role of Staphylococcus aureus in the oral cavity, Shirleen Hallang, 2018
  • A Digital Teaching Aid in Clinical Skills Training in Dentistry, Owens Iguodala, 2018
  • Video based peer supported learning amongst graduate entry dental students. Jonathan Lane, 2017.
  • Review of risk factors for metal plate removal following bilateral sagittal split osteotomy. Samuel Kent, 2017.
  • The role of regulatory CD4 T cells in head and neck cancer.
    Caoimhin O'Higgins, 2017.
  • Oral Health in young adults (18-25 year olds): A Systematic Review. Owens Iguodala, 2017.
  • Determinants of OHQoL in older adults living in care homes: A Systematic Review. Mhairi McGowan, 2017.
  • A comparison of central incisor shape and maxillary arch form in patients attending the university of Aberdeen dental school.
    Ross Yule, 2017.
  • A Comparison of Periodontal Health in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease versus Controls. Natalie Miller, 2016.
  • Survival Rates of Teeth Treated with Bacterial Photodynamics Treatment during Disinfection of the Root Canal system.
    Jonathan Lane, 2016.
  • The Relationship between Orofacial and Cervical Fascial Networks and the Mediastinum in the Context of Spread of Infection.
    Caoimhin O’Higgins, 2016.
  • Designing for safety: A systematic review of swallowed and aspirated dentures. Samuel Kent, 2016.
  • The Effect of Lower Third Molar on Anterior Crowding.
    Conan Gavan and Ayesha Ahmad, 2016.
  • Full Veneer Crown Preparation Taper Achieved by Dental Students: systematic review and laboratory analysis of available models from a UK dental school. Kenneth Strain, 2015-16.
  • Oral Hygiene Habits and Prevalence of Dental Caries in Children living in Rural Tanzania. Clare Lowe, 2015.
  • A Decade of Referrals to a Restorative Dentistry Department: reasons, associated factors and treatment prescribed. Michal Kawecki, 2014
  • The Palatal Rugae in Scottish Population. Daria Urbaniak, 2014.
  • Maternal Periodontal Disease and its effect on preterm and low birth weight outcomes in infants – a systematic review. Rohini Mukerji, 2013.

  • Demineralization of tooth enamel (White Spot Lesions) following fixed appliance orthodontic treatment. Kim-Weng Tan, 2012.

For further guidance please contact Dr Ekta Gupta, BDS Undergraduate Research Coordinator.