Assessment in a clinical settingLed by Dr Rosa Moreno López, the aim of the assessment research group is to conduct high   quality research which will contribute to the understanding and improvement of student attainment and progression.

Assessment is a key part of student life and we acknowledge that changes are required to improve student engagement whilst making sure that they are safe practitioners. The University is embarking on a new curriculum review which brings the opportunity to research new approaches to teaching built on a competency based dental education. This will influence assessment practices and while research on how to improve self-regulated learning, our assessment will adapt to this as well.

Being a small Institute with a small cohort of students allows us to be at the centre of multiple research opportunities. The main research areas of this group are:

  • Improvement of feedback practices
  • Assessment of student clinical performance
  • Development of program of assessments in dentistry (Programmatic assessments)
  • Policy making