Dental Education

Dental Education

Teaching and Learning research in the Institute of Dentistry encompasses theoretical approaches, educational strategies, including assessment and progression of students, educating staff and students and evaluation in Dental Education. 

  • Theory of Learning

Research in this area focuses on investigating contemporary theories of teaching and learning which include situated learning theory, social cognitive theory, workplace-base learning theory and experimental learning and reflective practice.

  • Educational Strategies

Educational strategies researched at the Institute of Dentistry are focused at enhancing the student learning experience using modern curricula methodology such as case-based learning, flipped classroom, simulation and bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical settings.

It is extremely important that assessments are linked with this modern curriculum and the pedagogical research team at IoD contributes to the understanding and improvement of student attainment and progression by means of building a portfolio on improvement of feedback practices, development of program of assessments in dentistry, failing to fail and student support.

  • Educating Staff and Students

Research in this area is sparse within the dental literature and building on current work in Dental Selection, the Institute of Dentistry at Aberdeen is looking to expand the research portfolio and continue to study in the areas of selection to dental education and training, career progression and support, diversity and widening access and development of dental educators.


  • Evaluation

Evaluation research is the systematic assessment of the worth or merit of time, money, effort and resources spent in order to achieve a goal. This theme includes studies aimed at improving practice, influencing policy and decision-making. We focus on research evaluating the impact of dental education at a society level and studies showing behaviour change as a result of dental education.