Dr Timothy Stone

Dr Timothy Stone
PhD, BA (Hons)



Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 274351
The University of Aberdeen 701 MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen Business School, 581 King Street, Aberdeen. AB24 5UA


I joined the University of Aberdeen Business School in 2007 having previously held academic posts at the University of Stirling and City College Norwich. I have also worked in retail and the not-for-profit sector.

I hold an undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Stirling, in which I also studied management and philosophy. Thereafter, I was awarded a Faculty Scholarship to study for a PhD at the University of Stirling under the supervision of Professor Douglas Brownlie and Dr Paul Hewer. My thesis attempted to better understand elderly consumer’s cultural experiences of care homes.

My current research interests reside at the nexus point between consumer research, tourism and anthropology. I also have an ongoing interest in critical marketing.


Research Interests

My primary research interests are located at the nexus between consumer research, critical marketing and tourism research. Previous research projects have focussed upon:

(~) Dwelling and rural tourism development.

(~) Consumer's emic perspectives on the extended self.

(~) Theoretical reflections upon consumption, ageing and dementia.

(~) The role of consumer introspection theory (CIT) within consumer research.

(~) What it means to be an elderly consumer within a care home.


Current Research

Under review:

(~) Stone, T., Gould, S. and Patterson, A. to Academy of Marketing.

(~) Bodunrin, T. and Stone, T. to Marketing Theory.


Select manuscripts in progress:

(~) Stone, T., Gould, S., Patterson, A. & Chen, X. to Annals of Tourism Research  (c 95% complete).

(~) Chen, X., Stone, T. and Lamb, J. to Annals of Tourism Research (c 35% complete).


I supervise the following PhD Students:

(~) Safriah Md Adzhar (Topic: Transmigrational spirituality in the workplace).

(~) Temitope Bodunrin (Topic: Exploring the effects of lifestyle changes on consumer mindfulness).


Former PhD Students:

(~) Xiaoqing Chen (Title: A Phenomenological Understanding of Rural Tourism: A Case Study of a Chinese Village) Passed with Minor Corrections.


I am interested in supervising PhD research in the following subject areas:


Understanding the role of emotional empathy within consumers’ everyday lived experience

Emotions do more than colour our sensory world; they are the root of everything we do, the unquenchable origin of every act” (Lewis, Amini and Lannon, 2001: 36). Empathy, therefore, can be thought of as a form of shared emotional resonance that enhances connectedness through patterns of social relationships. Whilst there is a growing body of knowledge that looks at empathy from either the consumer’s perspective or from a not-for-profit perspective, less insight is available from a more conventional institutional perspective. Therefore, a qualitative study might seek to gain a deeper understanding of the following questions: Can marketers benefit from adopting a more empathetic relationship with consumers? How might this be achieved? What form should this relationship take? How deep should this relationship be? What are the implications for the construction of the consumers self? What are the implications for marketing strategy?


Consumption and mental health: Coping with the possibility of becoming a parent of a child with Down’s syndrome.

Policies and practices around antenatal screening services have long been the subject of debate in a sociological context” (Pilnick, 2008: 511). However, existing research largely overlooks how these policies and practices influence the behaviour of both potential parents from a mental health & consumer behaviour perspective. As a result, a qualitative study might seek to answer the following questions: Is the choice to proceed (or not) with the pregnancy negotiated freely and openly? How do men and women interact at this time within their lives? What role do socio-economic factors play in this interaction? Do consumer objects also play a role? Do these help or hinder? What are the implications for the construction of both parents understanding of themselves? What are the implications for marketing strategy?



I have been involved in collaborative research projects with the following not-for-profit organisations:

(~) Centre for Tobacco Control.

(~) European Union.

(~) Grounds for Learning.

(~) World Wide Fund for Nature.

Enquiries about future collaborations would be welcome from for-profit or not-for-profit organisations that are engaged in providing/promoting:

(~) End of life care.

(~) Religous/Spiritual values.





Teaching Responsibilities

Postgraduate - MSc Marketing Management

(~) BU5573 Marketing Communications (Course Coordinator).

(~) BU5572 Consumer Behaviour (Course Coordinator).


Undergraduate - MA Management

(~) MS2006 Marketing (Course Coordinator).

Further Info

Panel Membership

(~) Doctoral Colloquium on Vulnerable Consumers, Lancaster University, June 2014.



I am a regular reviewer for (~) Tourism Management; (~) Journal of Management Inquiry; (~) Journal of Marketing Management and (~) Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

On occasion, I have also acted as a reviewer for (~) European Journal of Marketing; (~) Journal of Business Research; (~) Advances in Consumer Research and (~) Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change.