Dr Stuart Durkin

Dr Stuart Durkin
Dr Stuart Durkin

Dr Stuart Durkin


Senior Lecturer



Edward Wright Building

Dunbar St

Old Aberdeen

AB24 3QY

Tel: 01224 272413


In my previous lives I worked as a welder, civil servant, TEFL teacher in Italy and Spain, and private sector research consultant.  I took my first degree at the University of Leeds in 1996, followed by a Masters degree in Public Order at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester.  After six years doing policy evaluation research, I completed my doctorate at the University of Lancaster in 2011. My doctorate was entitled, 'The Basque Education Plan for Peace and Human Rights: Towards a More Sustainable Model of Peacebuilding in Euskadi' and addresses the politics surrounding this ground-breaking policy development.  The two articles published from the thesis thus far are listed below, as are the publications from my period spent as a research consultant to one of the UK's government departments.



Academic Peer-reviewed

(2013) ‘Advancing peace culture in the Basque Autonomous Community: The Basque Education Plan for Peace and Human Rights (2008 – 2011)’, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 13 (3), Special Issue on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Education.

(2011) ‘Advancing a peace culture in Euskadi will require a more open confrontation with conflict culture’, International Journal of Iberian Studies, 24 (1), pp. 51-59.


Griffiths, R. and Durkin, S. (2007) ‘Synthesising the Evidence on Employment Zones’, DWP Research Report No. 449.

Griffiths, R. and Durkin, S. (2007) ‘Evaluation of Residential Training Provision’, DWP Research Report No. 448.

Griffiths, R., Durkin, S. and Mitchell, A. (2006) ‘Evaluation of the Single Provider Employment Zone Extension’, DWP Research Report No. 312.


Research Overview

Nationalism and Ethnic Politics


Conflict Resolution

Peace and Human Rights Education Policy



Teaching Responsibilities


PI5022: Theories and Issues in Politics and International Relations (Course Co-ordinator)

PhD Supervision

Brin Najzer, 'Clarifying Hybrid Warfare: Investigation and Elucidation of the Phenomenon of Low-level Coercion and Conflict in the Grey Zone.' (Internal Examiner, Sustained)

Min Bhatta Prassad, 'Democratization in Nepal...' (Second Supervisor)

Lucas Hawke, 'The Effects of the Cocaine Trade on Insurgent Operations.' (Second Supervisor)


PI4755: Dirty War and its Aftermath (Course Co-ordinator)

PI4071: Dissertation (Politics)

PI3067: Politics of Democratic Spain (Course Co-ordinator)

PI3069: Political Research in the Twenty First Century

ED3536: Employability: Working Together (Course Co-ordinator)

PI1518: Introduction to Politics and International Relations