Dr Calum Waddell

Dr Calum Waddell
Dr Calum Waddell

Dr Calum Waddell



I am a Lecturer in Film at the University of Aberdeen, where I also studied for my PhD in Film and Philosophy. I was funded for this research and my doctorate on marginal American genre cinema was later adapted into the monograph The Style of Sleaze: The American Exploitation Film, 1959-1977, for Edinburgh University Press (2018). I since gained an early career research grant which allowed me to spend summer 2016 in South Africa, studying the largely unknown B-Scheme 'Blaxploitation' action films of the apartheid era. My documentary on this topic won the Best Film Award at the Derby Film Festival in 2018. I have also produced a book called Images of Apartheid: Filmmaking on the Fringe in the Old South Africa, published by Edinburgh University Press. My forthcoming work includes a monograph for Bloomsbury, South Africa in Horror Cinema, and an edited collection for Edinburgh University Press and their ReFocus line on The Films of Wes Craven. I have also written for Film International and Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film & Visual Narration.

I have presented my work at the Language, Literature and Linguistics conference in Singapore (2017), the University of Ghana (2018) and I was scheduled for the Film in History conference at the University of Pretoria (2020), which was cancelled due to the pandemic. To date, I have chaired presentations for conferences at the University of Bedfordshire (2014) and Birmingham City University (2017).

I gained practical experience as a documentary producer/director, with feature output that includes 42nd Street Memories (2015), Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema (2018) and Prince: The Peach and Black Times (2019). I also worked as a journalist for magazines such as Dazed, SFX and Total Film and wrote RoboCop: The Definitive History for MGM Studios/Titan Books in 2014.

I am interested in supervising PhDs in similar research areas, especially film/film culture in South Africa/Southern Africa.



  • PhD Film and Philosophy 
    2014 - The University of Aberdeen 
    Funded doctoral research under Professor Alan Marcus.