No smoke without fire?

No smoke without fire?

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have been working together to consider the pros and cons of e-cigarettes.

Dr Heather Morgan, Research Fellow, and Dr Steve Turner, Senior Clinical Lecturer, have joined forces to investigate the rise in e-cigarette use and what this means from both a social and medical perspective.  They will present their findings at the first Café Med event of 2016. 

Dr Turner will begin the discussion with a summary of the most recent scientific research on vaping and will outline the view that the NHS currently takes on the habit.  Dr Turner said:  “The emergence of e-cigarettes (or vaping devices) on our high streets has added a further dimension to the already highly charged public debate about the place of nicotine in our society.”

Dr Morgan will follow this with a review of her recent research which includes interviews with people who have taken up vaping as a replacement for smoking. 

Dr Morgan said: “Many people feel that vaping is a healthier choice than smoking and as a result have replaced cigarettes with e-cigarettes.  However, we are yet to learn the long-term effects of vaping and if it really does help people stop smoking.

“We will present the latest evidence we have and open the floor up for questions, discussion and debate. “

The ‘No smoke without e-cigarettes’ is part of the popular Café Med discussion series and will be held at the Suttie Centre Lecture Theatre , Foresterhill from 6pm on Monday 18 January.  More details about the new series of Café MED can be found at

These free events, led by the Public Engagement with Research Unit at The University of Aberdeen, provide a chance for the public to join informal discussions with leading figures in medicine and biosciences.