Dr Ramón Pellitero wins Dudley Stamp Memorial Award

Dr Ramón Pellitero wins Dudley Stamp Memorial Award

The funded project, titled "Ice climate relations during the Late Quaternary in Northern Spain" will investigate the evolution of glaciers during the Late Pleistocene and into the Holocene in two sites in the Cantabrian Range (NW Spain).

Dr. Ramón Pellitero, postdoctoral researcher in the Glaciology group, has been awarded a Dudley Stamp Memorial Award of £500 by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).


This project will provide new data for the Leverhulme Trust International Network project “Using glacier-climate proxies to model the Younger Dryas climate in Europe”, led by Dr Matteo Spagnolo and Dr Brice Rea.

This project joins nine European researchers for the purpose of determining the palaeoclimatic conditions that led to extensive deglaciation in Europe during the Younger Dryas by reconstructing the surface of palaeoglaciers from Svalbard to Morocco and from W Spain to Turkey.