Students establish journal to showcase academic endeavours

Students establish journal to showcase academic endeavours

University of Aberdeen students have established their own journal to provide an opportunity to showcase the research talents of undergraduates, primarily in the arts and social sciences.

Named in honour of the University’s founder, the Elphinstone Review follows on from a successful initiative in 2012 which saw Scotland’s four ancient universities come together to run a student journal.

Now Aberdeen has branched out to create its very own publication, which will provide a forum for the introduction and presentation for scrutiny of new student research, and the critique of existing research.

It was launched at an event in The Sir Duncan Rice Library to thank students, staff and friends of the University who have provided support.

Alasdair Neilson, a fourth year sociology student and the Journal’s first editor-in-chief, said response to the Elphinstone Review had been overwhelming.

“The number of submissions to the journal greatly exceeded our expectations with more than 70 undergraduates putting forward their work to the selection panel.

“This is an astonishing response for this type of journal in its very first year and is testament to the academic spirit at the University of Aberdeen.”

Aberdeen students designed the journal cover, established an editorial team, appointed peer reviewers and arranged for the printing of the journal.

Alasdair added: “The Elphinstone Review truly represents the creative endeavour of the students at the University of Aberdeen.

“To help establish a University journal is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Irrespective of whether the authors and editors continue in academia or not, I believe this journal has given those involved invaluable experience that will serve them well in the future.”

Benedict Jones-Williams, a fourth year student of English Literature who took on the role of Managing Editor, said: “It’s an honour to be given the chance, and support, to launch a scheme like this and we hope it carries on into the future. We are also indebted to the academic staff who supported the creation of this journal.”

Managing production fell to fourth year student Josiåh Birchmån, who balanced the role alongside an English Literature degree.

“I enjoyed being a part of the editing process, especially the chance to design a cover that would be both interesting and reflect the history of the name Elphinstone. In the end I settled on a modernisation of the bishop’s staff which I copied from the original painting from King's College."

Professor Margaret Ross, Head of the College of Arts and Social Sciences said: “Our undergraduate students produce work of outstanding quality and the Elphinstone Review provides a platform for them to showcase this academic excellence.

“The editorial team have worked extremely hard to get the Journal up and running and the first edition is superb. We look forward to seeing it continue to develop student authors and editors in the future.”