Forest fires and floods tackled as part of new course

Forest fires in the North East of Scotland and flooding risk in Aberdeen city and shire are among a range of topics tackled by Geography students at the University of Aberdeen.

The culmination of a year’s research was showcased as part of the new MSc in Geographical Information Systems degree programme at the University of Aberdeen. 

Sixteen students presented their research findings in the form of a poster presentation to an invited audience from both within and outside the university on the 29th August 2014. Each student manned their own booth and display board complete with poster and was on hand to answer questions about their research. The External Examiner (Dr. Esther Edwards from the University of Bath) toured the displays to examine the results of the MSc research work completed between June and August. 

Dr Edwards said: “The quality and breadth of work on show was exceptional.  It was a privilege to be involved in such an interesting and inspiring occasion.”

Other topics followed a renewable energy theme and included research on a bike sharing scheme and the use of electric cars in Aberdeen.  

Dr David Green, a Senior Lecturer in The School of Geosciences and the Director of the new MSc in Geographical Information Systems Degree Programme added: “This event provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to display and discuss their research and is a fantastic end to a very successful first year of the new MSc in Geographical Information Systems.”