Are Personality Traits Indicators of Success?

The importance of character strengths for learning and success will be explored at a free talk in Aberdeen tomorrow evening (Wednesday July 16).

University of Aberdeen Psychologist Nicola Gibson will discuss her research into how personal traits such as sociability, ability to cope with daily hassles and stresses, optimism, and interpersonal skills can affect how a pupil fares academically.

She will also share her findings regarding the relationship between self-rated character strengths and success within the academic environment, including teacher assessments of pupil progress and exam performance.

The event is the latest in the University of Aberdeen’s Café Scientifique series which aims to provide a public forum for debate around topical issues in science.

The talk begins at 7pm at the Union Bridge branch of Waterstones.

Nicola said: “In recent years, an interesting picture has started to emerge from various areas of psychology research, that suggests “non-intellectual” factors might be just as important, and in some cases more important, than things like IQ when it comes to succeeding in education and in working life.

“The influence of IQ or intelligence on success is relatively well researched, but the impact of “non-intellectual” skills, such as sociability, interpersonal skills, conscientiousness, coping, and positivity, which are not measured by traditional aptitude tests, are less well understood.”

She continues: “At Cafe Scientifique I shall discuss what the latest research is revealing on the link between these traits and academic success, and what this means for our future academics.”

The event, entitled The Importance of Character Strengths for Learning and Success, will be an informal evening offering plenty of time for questions and discussion.

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Cafe Scientifique is supported by a science engagement grant from the Scottish Government.