Hands-on philosophy series looks at what we can learn from graphic novel film

A hand-on philosophy series will come to an end on Friday (June 27) with a session exploring what we can learn from the graphic novel film 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World'.

The University of Aberdeen’s Café Philosophique, which has run throughout June, brings members of the public and philosophers together to tackle philosophical issues in an informal environment.

Organiser Dr Federico Luzzi from the University’s School of Divinity, History and Philosophy said using popular films and novels has proved a successful way to engage people with the subject.

“People enjoy this hands-on approach to philosophy and you don’t need any background knowledge to have fun with it.

“We use popular media to help people to understand philosophical puzzles and help to tease out their views on the debated questions.

“We find people easily form opinions but what’s tricky is backing up your view with good reasons— and that’s what philosophy encourages. It’s something that can then be applied in many aspects of people’s everyday lives.”

The session on Friday, to be held at the Belmont Cinema, will examine the film ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’ and how its multi-dimension plot helps us understand fictional characters and storytelling.

The event will feature a talk led by Professor Roy Cook from the University of Minnesota followed by a film screening of the film.

Professor Cook said: “Determining what is true or false of fictional characters requires more than just checking what is said or shown in the fiction: The Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and films never explicitly state either that he is a Canadian citizen or that he is not Martian. Rather, when we experience the fiction, we fill in the details. But how, exactly, do we do this, and what counts as getting it 'right' or 'wrong'? Philosophical examinations of metafictional films like Scott Pilgrim can help to shed light on such puzzles.”

The event begins at 7pm and is free but tickets are available to book beforehand from the Belmont.

The Café Philosophique series is organised by the Philosophy Department at the University of Aberdeen, with support from the Public Engagement with Research Unit.

The full schedule of community cafe events is available at: www.engagingaberdeen.co.uk