Science Journalism Society requires your help to raise funds

Earlier this year the University of Aberdeen's Science Journalism Society, which produces AU Science Magazine, became accredited by a national scheme sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which recognises and rewards student societies.

Receiving the Enterprising Student Society Accreditation (ESSA) has allowed the society to apply for an awards scheme, which offers various cash prizes for societies that create unique, entertaining videos promoting their work.

Prize money of up to £5000 will be awarded to the society which receives the highest number of video views.  The cash sum will then go down in stages to a minimum of £250, so the more views, the more money awarded to the group.

The society chose to use their video to show all the work that goes into producing an issue of AU Science Magazine, and is now hoping the rest of the University community will help them get their YouTube views up.

Bridget Murray, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, commented: “We are one of 15 societies who have made it to the final and it would be absolutely fantastic if we could secure some prize money!

“The magazine is completely self-funded meaning we rely on selling advertising space in order to produce the publication. Winning a large amount of money would go a long way in helping us to secure the continuation of the magazine for the foreseeable future.

“I really hope that staff and students from across the University help us by watching our video – all we are asking for is a click of a button, but every single click really could make a huge difference.”

To watch the video and help the society secure a prize in the competition, click here.  The competition closes on Thursday, June 26 during a live count at an awards ceremony in London.

The video with the most views will receive £5000 and then the amount goes down in stages to £250.

More information on the ESSA is available here 

For more information about AU Science Magazine or how to get involved visit