Museums to show off their 'treasures' after dark

Five of Aberdeen University's amazing locations will show off their treasures after dark for the 2014 Night at the Museums.

King’s Museum, the Zoology Museum, Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre, the Special Collections Centre and Cruickshank Botanic Garden will all take part in the pirate-themed event on Saturday May 17.

Between 5pm and 9pm, visitors of all ages can have a swash-buckling adventure following a treasure trail, making their own treasure maps, eye patches, telescopes and pirate flags and get hands-on with some of the ‘treasures’  housed in the museums.

Forming part of the Festival of Museums, organised by Museums Galleries Scotland Night at the Museums has proved hugely popular since it began in 2008.

Gillian MacNee, Curator of Learning and Access at the University of Aberdeen, said: “We chose a pirate theme as it brings together the University’s collections and it is sure to appeal to visitors of all ages.

“This is our sixth Night at The Museums and last year we welcomed more than 1,000 visitors throughout the evening.

“We know that our visitors enjoy the different feel of a museum at night and it helps to create a sense of adventure.

“We have plenty on offer thanks to the support of our museum and student volunteers and are looking forward to a swashbuckling evening which will be both entertaining and educational.”

Visitors to the Zoology Museum will have an opportunity to meet Mr Bug and there will be face painting and a storytelling tour.

A trail starting at Zoology will end At King’s Museum where treasure awaits, in Special Collections visitors can explore scary creatures from the deep and there will be tours of the Cruickshank Gardens.

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