North Sea oil and constitutional change discussed at Satrosphere Science Centre

With the referendum just around the corner, what happens to North Sea oil in an independent Scotland is of growing interest.

As the tension mounts between two sides of the independence debate, oil is fast becoming a key component in predicting the potential success of a Scotland without the United Kingdom.

North Sea oil and constitutional change will be explored in the fourth talk of the University of Aberdeen Café Controversial series taking place tonight (May 13) at 7pm in the city’s Satrosphere Science Centre.

Professor Alex Kemp, Director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance, from the University of Aberdeen will look at the key factors. He said: “I will discuss the various issues affecting the North Sea oil industry in the event of Scottish independence.  This will include the division of the UK Continental Shelf into Scottish and rest of UK jurisdictions, the transitional challenges, and the prospects for activity in the North Sea until 2050.”

The Café Controversial series is run by the Public Engagement with Research Unit at the University of Aberdeen in partnership with Satrosphere Science Centre. The event starts at 7pm at Satrosphere and is free to attend.

As with all Café discussion events, everyone is welcome and there is no need to book. The full programme of this and other Café series is available at

Cafe Controversial is supported by a science engagement grant from the Scottish Government and the BIOPROM consortium funded by the European Union Framework 7 programme.