Chinese delegation visits University

Chinese delegation visits University

A delegation from Minzu University of China - which included Professor Pang, Vice Dean of the University's Chinese Minority Traditional Medicine - paid a visit to the Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill.

The visit to Aberdeen highlights the institution’s growing academic ties with Minzu University.

The visitors’ research interests are focused mainly on the treatment of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease with Chinese traditional medicines.

Professor Colin McCaig, Head of the University of Aberdeen’s School of Medical Sciences, said: “It was a good opportunity for these top Chinese scientists to meet our researchers studying diabetes and bioelectrical signalling in colorectal cancer and to discuss the development of the academic cooperation between the two Universities.

“We are delighted to host such a delegation from China, and to discuss future scientific exchanges and collaborations. We expect to develop exchange programmes for scientists and PhD students that will open up collaborative opportunities across our two academic institutions.

“Professor Pang and his colleagues were very impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities in the Institute of Medical Sciences and with  the many leading scientists who work there.

“We hope to explore further the molecular mechanisms of how Chinese traditional medicines work on different diseases and develop more effective compounds from Chinese herbs for clinical patients in the future. ”

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