Digital health solutions for diabetes

Digital health solutions for diabetes

How digital health solutions can improve the quality of care for patients with diabetes, will be the focus of a conference hosted by The University of Aberdeen this month.

The institution’s Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions project (ITTS) will host an international knowledge exchange in Newcastle, Northern Ireland from 21-22 November. 

International experts from Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Norway will gather for the two day event to share experience of current practice and develop new collaborative ideas. 

Confirmed participants include health practitioners, technology professionals, academics, service planners, and patient representatives. 

It is hoped the conference will yield valuable ideas and concrete plans for future collaboration and a commitment to improving diabetes care, and the quality of life for patients with diabetes.

The event will focus on the use of technology to support and enhance care delivery for patients with type I diabetes, with the overall aim of improving disease control and quality of life.

Although Type 1 diabetes is less common, patients have a longer duration of disease, shorter lifespan, and more associated conditions and disease complications. These patients are often more open to and willing to use technology, and appreciate flexibility as they are of working age. 

Topics of particular interest include supporting self-management, providing access to integrated information, encouraging lifestyle changes, maintaining patient engagement, remote monitoring and improving access to care.

ITTS project partners have various areas of expertise in diabetes. Norway has been developing mobile self-help tools such as the “Few Touch Application” for several years whilst  Finland has created an online self-care portal where patients can access personal records and other information.

Northern Ireland’s “U-tell:diabetes” lets patients submit readings via phone or website and in Scotland, ITTS is supporting NHS Highland’s diabetes video-consultation clinics.

ITTS Project Director, David Heaney said: “I’m really looking forward to what will be a challenging couple of days – it will be interesting to see what happens when we put industry, patients, and health care staff together in one room.

“Through the ITTS project we have learnt the benefits of transnational knowledge exchange and we hope to produce tangible results from the investment of bringing these people together.”

ITTS is funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme.