New Students? Find out all you need to know

New students at the University will have an opportunity to find out all they need to know about student through a live online chat.

The Google+ hangout takes place on Saturday September 14 at 3.30pm.

Incoming students will be able hear all about student life in Aberdeen as well as put questions to a panel of experts including existing students, student officers and members of the Student Association.

Freshers can sign up for reminders about the event from the Google+ hangout page.

You can join the chat live on the Aberdeen University Students’ Association website and the University’s New Students site.  

Student President Megan Dunn said: “Aberdeen University Students' Association represents over 16,000 students attending the University of Aberdeen. Our members hail from dozens of countries, and they are all studying on hundreds of different degree programmes. There is a first time for everything, and for our Freshers of 2013, many of them are experiencing Uni life for the very first time.

“This Student Life live chat is a great opportunity for new students to get their questions answered about what life in Aberdeen is like, what to bring with them, and top tips from other students and our great support staff. Our panel will consist of student officers, regular students, and staff of the Association and University. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions toward the end, and anything we can't answer on-air we'll try to answer in the comments once the broadcast is uploaded to YouTube.”

There will be a follow up session focussing on ‘Academic Success’ on Wednesday October 2 at 3.30pm.

Follow updates about the live chat on Twitter #abdnstudentlife and stay up to date on what's happening over at the AUSA Freshers page

For great information on how best to get registered and settled into Uni life visit the University’s New Students page.