Industry and University work to create course to meet skills shortfall

Companies across the global oil & gas sector have joined with the University of Aberdeen to create a unique solution for a major skills gap in the offshore industry.

The Master of Science in Oil & Gas Computing has been designed, and will run, in partnership with the sector, specifically to produce industry aware graduates with advanced Computing Science expertise.

“We are delighted by the industry’s enthusiasm and their hands-on approach in collaborating with the University to develop this course. This Master’s degree will create Computing Science graduates who are optimally equipped to meet the specific needs of the oil & gas sector,” explained Professor George Coghill, Head of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen.

“This joined up thinking has produced a course that will deliver future industry leaders by bringing together two of today’s most fundamental economic entities – energy and informatics.

“Industry is actively looking for people with very specific computational expertise – people who understand what the geologists and engineers are saying, but also have a strong computing science background – and this course will deliver that.”

Tim Gregory, UK President of CGI said, “CGI is pleased to support the University of Aberdeen's new Master of Science in Oil and Gas Computing.  The oil and gas sector is highly innovative and it is important that we train people with the skills needed to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of this global industry. The Master of Science in Oil and gas Computing will help to deliver graduates with the specific skills and expertise we need in this area.”

Situated at the heart of the European oil & gas capital, a global centre of oil & gas expertise, the University of Aberdeen is today at the forefront of teaching, learning and discovery, as it has been for 500 years, consistently sending pioneers and ideas outward to every part of the world.

In keeping with this, this advanced computing science course is a unique, globally significant, 12 month programme of study deeply rooted in the oil & gas sector with real-life case studies and teaching by active industry personnel forming continual elements throughout.

"The new MSc in Computing Sciences being offered by University of Aberdeen has great potential in aligning the world-leading computing science capabilities within university with the needs of the oil industry, both here in Aberdeen and further afield,” added Oil and Gas Specialist at Data2Text Ltd, John Perry. “The MSc has all the makings of a successful collaboration between the industry and the University, supporting Aberdeen's status as Europe's oil capital and providing highly-qualified computing science professionals for the industry at large."

Professor Coghill continued: “The industry requires huge amounts of data that must be identified in terms of modelling, simulation, data management, sensor networks, faults – all these things require computing science, computational analysis and solutions. Computing Science graduates are best placed to do the technical and intellectual problem solving on the information analysis side of things.”

“There is a whole oil and gas cycle from exploration through production to market and at each stage there are very definite data management and knowledge management needs.” added Dr Wamberto Vasconçelos, Director of Industrial Liaison, Department of Computing Science.

“In a nutshell, graduates who complete this course will be finding novel computational solutions that will facilitate and optimise a company’s performance.”

The course is currently recruiting for entry in September 2014 and prospective students can apply online at