Princeton professor presents a modern take on Machiavelli and his prince

His is a name synonymous with the darker dealings of power, associated through centuries with the employment of cunning and duplicity in political manoeuvring.

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (1469–1527) was an Italian historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher, humanist and writer based in Florence during the Renaissance.

On the 500th anniversary of the publication of Machiavelli's best-known work, Il Principe (The Prince) the distinguished Princeton professor Maurizio Viroli, - one of the greatest living experts on the author and his work – will be visiting Aberdeen from the US to present a contemporary account of this classic work, and its relevance for today.

The event, to which all are welcome, takes place on 30 April 2013 from 5.45 – 7.30pm in the Craig Suite on the top floor of the Sir Duncan Rice Library at the University of Aberdeen’s King’s College Campus at Old Aberdeen.

The event entitled On Political Redemption: Machiavelli's Prince is hosted by the University’s Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL).

Drinks and snacks will be available from 5.15 pm, and the lecture will be followed by a discussion session.

Maurizio Viroli is Professor of Political Theory within the Department of Politics and associated faculty within the Department of History at leading Ivy League university Princeton. 

He is also Director of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at the Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland, Senior Research Fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto of Moncalieri, and scientific coordinator of the Academies of Civic Education of the Compagnia San Paolo Foundation.

Professor Viroli’s main fields of research are political theory and the history of political thought, the relationship between religion and politics, patriotism, constitutionalism, citizenship, and civic education. 

During the event he will address the relevance of Citizenship Education, which remains a contentious issue in Scotland and England.

Dr Trevor Stack, Director of CISRUL said: “Professor Viroli is renowned as a lively, engaging speaker, as well as a wonderful scholar, and it is an honour to have such a distinguished visitor on campus. We look forward to an exciting lecture and discussion of Machiavelli’s great work, reminding us just how relevant The Prince is to the politics of today’s world.”

To reserve a free place please call 01224 272625 or visit