Explorers wanted for Night at the Museums: Passport to the World

The University of Aberdeen is once again hosting its annual ‘Night at the Museums’ event and this year the Sir Duncan Rice Library gallery joins the action alongside King’s Museum, the Zoology Museum, the Cruickshank Botanic Gardens and the Natural History Centre.

The event, which takes place on the evening of Saturday, May 4, will be packed with artist led crafts, survival and bush craft challenges, museum trails and quizzes, explorer bingo, competitions, games, a safari photo station, ‘hands on archaeology’ workshops, garden tours and dressing up as well as the fantastic museum exhibitions and displays.

The Special Collections Library Gallery will be showcasing a global travellers’ exhibition, while at King’s Museum visitors will explore the Arctic through Alaskan archaeology.  Budding explorers who come along to the event will also encounter wild animals in the Zoology Museum, uncover the exploits of plant hunters and live animals in the Natural History Centre, and hone their survival skills in the Cruickshank Gardens.

Anna Shortland, Curator of the University of Aberdeen’s Night at the Museums, said: “We look forward to offering our visitors the chance to become intrepid explorers for the evening. Those who come along are encouraged to face their fears, to enjoy some exciting challenges and even pick up some prizes.  Children can collect a passport from any venue and attempt the Explorer’s Challenge.  This is set to be a great evening offering cultural entertainment that promises to both delight and inspire the young and old alike.

"A host of events and activities to entertain the family will be on offer - from the chance to get up close to some creepy crawlies or have a go at making your own zoological specimen to take home. If bugs and beasties aren’t your thing then why not take part in a fitness fun session in the gardens or learn how to survive in the Arctic with our survival experts.   We will also invite visitors to enter our special event photography competition and send us images of themselves enjoying the museum displays and activities on the night. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs.”

The University of Aberdeen's Night at the Museums event takes place on Saturday, May 4, around the  King’s College Campus, with visits to the Zoology Building  on Tillydrone Avenue, King’s Museum on the High Street, and the Sir Duncan Rice Library Gallery on Bedford Road. 

The event will take place from 6pm until 10pm and is open to all.  

For full details visit http://www.abdn.ac.uk/museums/events

A number of the activities will require registration on the night to book your space. Please see the website for details.

For further information on the Night at the Museums event contact Anna Shortland on 01224 274305, email a.shortland@abdn.ac.uk

The event is supported by Aberdeen City Council. 

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