Faster, Higher, Stronger

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Olympic motto embodies what it means for an athlete to push themselves to the limit, but a free event in Aberdeen this week will look at how technologies and scientific discoveries are being used to increase the chances of winning gold.

Gina Maffey, the co-editor of the University of Aberdeen’s science magazine (Au magazine), will discuss how the pursuit of an Olympic medal is no longer just about drive and determination.

The presentation will look at what difference the newest energy drink, the right shoes, and the most stream lined outfit can make to an athlete’s success.

Gina Maffey said “In the latest issue of Au we looked at what science has done to push forward human sporting pursuits. In this cafe scientifique we will share our own thoughts and findings to discuss where the line is between natural talent and enhanced performance.”

The event takes place on Wednesday July 11 at Waterstones Union Bridge at 7pm.

It forms part of the Café Scientifique series which gives a short presentation on a followed by an audience-led discussion.

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