Study of common health conditions under the spotlight

Study of common health conditions under the spotlight

How researchers study common medical complaints such as chronic pain, arthritis and back pain will be discussed at a key lecture taking place at the University of Aberdeen tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 8).

University researchers, students and GPs are among those expected to attend the University’s Centre for Academic Primary Care Annual Lecture being given by Professor Peter Croft.

The lecture - open to all staff, students and NHS professionals and taking place between 10.30am and 11.30am at Foresterhill’s Med Chi Hall - is part of a seminar series to keep staff updated on the latest primary care research.

Professor Croft, Professor of Primary Care Epidemiology at the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele University, explained: “The main thrust of my talk is about the use of data and information from primary care in helping us to answer important questions about the causes, management and consequences of illness.

“When Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Sir Richard Peto, was given a lifetime award by the British Medical Journal for his research into smoking as a cause of cancer, he said in his acceptance speech that this was an award for researching the ‘bleedin’ obvious’.

“My talk will reflect on that. One of the frequent responses to the study of common illness in primary care is that it is research into the ‘bleedin’ obvious’ but my talk will explain how important this type of research is to make a real difference to common problems such as chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems.”

Professor Croft has been active in promoting the disciplines of general practice and academic primary care for many years and has supported the development of multidisciplinary research teams and partnerships with primary and secondary health care services within the NHS community.

He is the Chair of the National Institute of Health Research In-Practice Fellowship Committee and the Working Party developing research priorities in complementary therapy for Arthritis Research UK.