The art of our earth

The art of our earth

A unique combination of art and geology are combined at the University of Aberdeen’s Fabric of the Land Exhibition which gets under way on Saturday August 27.

The geology-inspired exhibition explores links between art and science and is held at the University of Aberdeen in association with diversified energy services company Senergy for the third successive year.

More than 120 artists from across the UK submitted entries in line with this year’s theme the 'Elements'.

The Fabric of the Land features the work of established and emerging artists and more than 70 diverse pieces make up the display.

The exhibition sees the geology department's classrooms transformed into a state-of-the-art gallery where selected artwork will be exhibited, resulting in a display of original and spectacular creative pieces including paintings,  photography, sculpture and jewellery.

Professor Hurst said, “Fabric of the Land is an art exhibition that was conceived as a way for art and science to combine in outreach. More opportunities to display and view art, more opportunities for artists and scientists to share and understand observations, and fun for the general public!

“One of the great things about being a geologist is that so many lay people can relate to the medium with which we work. We look at the land before us and see thrusts, fossils and ancient cross bedding and artists looks at the same and see beauty, colour, texture, shade and, they see things differently than we do.

“They make observations that are not necessarily related to science sensu stricto and when they transpose their observations from reality into the abstract form that is in every artwork ever made, an exciting connection is made between the natural beauty of our science and a beauty in artistic form that many more can appreciate.

“It therefore seemed natural for us to showcase an exhibition which marked the cross over between the two.

“Art should be shared and be used to stimulate learning.”

The Fabric of the Land exhibition features the work of well established and emerging talents whose artworks focus on the theme, ‘Elements’.

Organised by the University’s geology & petroleum geology department, artists are invited to submit works that consider the ‘elements’ within the environment and landscape from a geological perspective.

Professor Hurst said “The Fabric of the Land is unique not only because we combine art and science but because of the setting. In a matter of days an ordinary geology laboratory is transformed into a professional museum. Benches are removed, the equipment is put away and space is created to rival any museum.

“It was important to us that we hold the exhibition in a laboratory as it underpins the connection between art and science.

The exhibition runs until Sunday September 18.

The Geology department is a registered museum and hosts collections within its own department, including two paintings.

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