Lord Provost to visit Centre for Sustainable International Development

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Peter Stephen, will be visiting the Centre for Sustainable International Development at the University of Aberdeen on Wednesday (March 30).

He will be provided with an overview of the work of the Centre both internationally and locally by the Director, Dr Hilary Homans and Fiona Chaloner (Data Analyst).  He will also have the opportunity to meet key support staff, members of the Steering Group, sixteen of the 50 staff who are Associates of the Centre and six of the twenty-four Volunteers of the Centre.

Some of the local non-governmental organisations that the Centre is working with will also be represented, for example the Zoe Lee Foundation working with children with leukaemia in Cape Town, South Africa and MedicAid supporting obstetric services in Bo, Sierra Leone.

The visit will conclude with the opportunity for the Lord Provost to view posters of staff work in developing countries ranging from health in economies in transition to exposure to arsenic in rice in the Mekong Delta. 

Posters will also map the contribution of the University towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in terms of promoting primary education for all, improving maternal and newborn health, efforts to reduce HIV and Leprosy, ensure safe water and promote sustainable development and renewable energy.