Bring your own brain

It’s mostly made of water and contains billions of nerve cells which control all that we think and do … it’s the human brain and it’s being celebrated at the University of Aberdeen this Friday (March 18).

Bring Your Own Brain is a free public event taking place at 7pm at the Suttie Centre at Foresterhill to mark International Brain Awareness Week and National Science and Engineering Week.

Four University researchers will give short talks about the body’s most important organ and discuss some of the cutting edge brain research underway at Aberdeen.

Sessions will include a look at how the brain is built, where the brain's stem cells live and how they might be used to repair the brain after injury.

Insights will also be given into autism and the effects of cannabis and cannabis based medicines on the brain.

Short video clips will also demonstrate how our brain decides what we see as opposed to what is imaged by our eyes because of the magnitude of material it has to process.

Professor  Peter McCaffery, head of the University’s neurobiology research programme, said: “Bring Your Own Brain will be a fun and stimulating event that should appeal to young and old.  Our scientists will also take questions from the audience from what is sure to be a thought provoking night.”

NSEW in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is coordinated by the British Science Association Aberdeen Branch and supported by BP and a Scottish Government engagement grant awarded to the University of Aberdeen.

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