New Henley-Aberdeen partnership boosts executive education in the north-east

The University of Aberdeen is teaming up with Henley Business School to create a strong business network for senior managers in the north-east of Scotland.

This unique network between academia and business in the north-east will give all participants the opportunity to continually update and enhance their current business strategies and be challenged by new research and innovative ways of viewing issues.

The University of Aberdeen’s business school signed a memorandum of understanding with Henley business school on Friday. 

The Henley-Aberdeen partnership combines the delivery of high quality executive education from a recognised global leader with the world-leading credentials of academics at the University of Aberdeen, with expertise in areas such as North Sea oil and gas. Henley Business School at the University of Reading is the oldest business school in the UK with 65 years’ experience in growing business leaders.

Together with business partners, the aim is to create a network with a strong north-east focus which demonstrates that, working in partnership, academia and business can maximise the impact of leadership skills to the development of the Aberdeenshire economy.

Professor Ian Diamond, Principal of the University of Aberdeen, said “The north-east of Scotland is a thriving economic area with unique benefits and opportunities. This partnership between the University of Aberdeen and Henley business School will create a strong network of business organisations which will benefit not only industry already here but promote inward investment into the north-east.  There is an established relationship between academia and business in the region and the Henley-Aberdeen partnership will further this and create new opportunities for senior managers to engage with universities”.

This initiative is based on the existing and renowned Henley Partnership which was established in 1995 to cater for managers and directors from nearly 40 partner companies

Professor John Board, Dean of Henley Business School, said: “The Henley-Aberdeen Partnership will provide a unique annual programme of master classes, driven by, and focusing on, the current business issues of its members in the north-east of Scotland. The partnership will create an extended vibrant learning community of senior managers in the region and will provide opportunities for members to access new research and the current thinking of expert faculty and visiting business leaders.”

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