New book to teach next generation of geologists

New book to teach next generation of geologists

A new textbook which will help teach the next generation of geologists in the oil and gas industry, will be showcased at the University of Aberdeen today (Monday November 23).

Written by University graduate Mike Shepherd, a professional geologist, the book was created to provide students with more current academic literature on the key area of production geology.

54 year old Mr Shepherd from Aberdeen, took a sabbatical year out of industry to write the book – entitled Oil field production geology – which was commissioned by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and published last month.

The University’s Geology department supported Mr Shepherd in his research for the book which is aimed at students, new professionals in oil companies and anyone with an interest in reservoir geology.

Drawing from his 29 years within the North Sea oil industry, Oil field production geology provides practical guidelines on how a production geologist can analyse the reservoir geology and oil flow characteristics of an oil field with the aim of improving hydrocarbon recovery.

Mr Shepherd will provide an insight into the subject of his book at a lecture to be held in the University’s Meston Building at 12noon today.

The lecture will be held in Meston room 122.  Attendance is free and open to all.

Mr Shepherd said: “Today’s event provides an opportunity to discuss the content of this textbook which aims to assist in the teaching of production geology in both Aberdeen and further afield.

“The history of the book stems from 6 years ago when I contacted Professor Andrew Hurst from the University of Aberdeen’s Geology Department who I graduated alongside with a degree in Geology from the University 32 years ago.

“I intended taking a year off from working as a professional geologist in the oil industry and Professor Hurst suggested I turned my efforts to writing this book, mainly because there were no recent textbooks on the subject and he felt one was needed.

“The University was of great support in providing me with library and computing to aid my research. I look forward to sharing an insight into the book at today’s event.”