Innovative teaching methods used at Aberdeenshire schools passed on to teachers from across Scotland

Innovative teaching methods used at Aberdeenshire schools passed on to teachers from across Scotland

Teachers from Stonehaven, Aboyne and Turriff will demonstrate the innovative ways in which they teach maths to children at a conference to promote excellence in Scottish teaching.

Teachers from across the country will gather at the University of Aberdeen on Saturday (November 7) for Numeracy Across Learning.

Run in partnership with The Educational Institute of Scotland, the conference is designed to help teachers in the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence, which comes into force nationally in 2010.

It will provide an opportunity for Aberdeenshire teachers to showcase the innovative work taking place in their own schools to improve numeracy.

Class teachers Madge Hamilton and Judith Salter from Mill o’ Forest Primary School, Stonehaven, will show how they created a ‘playzone’ which allows younger children to learn through sensory, creative and dramatic activities.

MackieAcademyteacher Mhairi Shewan will demonstrate the success of linking numeracy to enterprise to improve learning.

At Aboyne Primary, active learning is used to motivate and engage pupils. Teacher Valerie Stoddart will explain how this was achieved while Brenda Harden, principal teacher of mathematics at Turriff Academy will reveal how the department worked with the school’s library to teach decimals in a meaningful way.

Lecturers from the University of Aberdeen, including keynote speaker Allan Duncan, of the School of Education, will also address different teaching methods and the ways in which they can be used to improve children’s understanding of maths.

David McMurtry, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Aberdeen, said: “In implementing a Curriculum for Excellence, teachers are building upon their existing innovative and successful practice and this event is designed to support them in doing so.

“We have a fantastic programme of speakers and I’m sure it will be of great benefit to all those who attend.

“There is great work going on in local schools and this event provides a platform for teachers to share their experiences and learn together and from one another.”