University recognises ‘STARs’ at special awards ceremony

Students who make a contribution to University life beyond their academic achievements were recognised at a special awards ceremony at the University of Aberdeen.

Professor Stephen Logan, Senior Vice-Principal, presented STAR (Students Taking Active Roles) Awards to students who successfully completed the scheme last academic year.


The STAR Award scheme was launched again for 2009-10 by the University’s Careers Service and Students’ Association on October 14 to help students recognise and articulate their acquisition of transferable skills from their co-curricular activities and achievements.

Those who participate receive a University endorsed certificate to acknowledge their non-academic achievements, which can be taken to an employer as proof that a prescribed standard has been reached.

Any University of Aberdeen student can sign up to the University’s co-curricular award as long as they are involved in one or more of the following activities:

·         Class Representative

·         Niteline Volunteering

·         Dirty Weekenders Volunteering

·         Gaudie Editor or Sub Editor

·         BP Student Tutoring

·         SIE Interns

·         STEM  Ambassador

·         Any AUSA Sports Club Committee position

·         Any AUSA Society’s Committee position

·         Any AUSA Non-Sabbatical position

·         Any AUSA Council Member

·         Any volunteering activities sourced through AUSA Volunteering

The award is split up into Gold, Silver and Bronze recognition, and students can choose which of these levels to tackle during their time at the University.

Participants must submit evidence of their activities and successfully complete a competency-based interview.Assessment is undertaken by University staff and, given the strong emphasis on transferable skills, employers are also involved.

The event also provided an opportunity for those interested in taking a STAR Award this academic year to find out more about how the scheme operates. 97 students from across the three Colleges attended the event and demonstrated a keen interest in registering for the award this session.

This year the enhanced and extended co-curricular STAR Award also offers students the opportunity to recognise their learning in an increased range of activities, including the STEM Ambassadors programme, the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) Intern Scheme and the BP Student Tutoring scheme.

Peter Fantom, Head of Careers Service, University of Aberdeen, said: “The University is working closely with employers and Aberdeen University Students’ Association to develop this Co-Curricular Award further.”

“We want students to graduate having had the full student experience. This award will enable students to reflect and record their contribution to their various activities in a way which will enhance their future employability.”   

Bryan Snelling, Student Activities Manager, Aberdeen University Students’ Association, said:

“The turnout at the STAR award meeting was excellent and as a presenter I was very pleased with the interaction and response the students gave to the information being given.”

“It shows that students want to be recognised for their co-curricular activities, that they enjoy the activities enough to do this and that they are committed to getting the best possible start in their graduate life upon leaving University.”