Diet myths to be explored in free talk

Common myths surrounding weight loss will be debunked by a leading nutritionist at a free event in Aberdeen next week.

Dr Alex Johnstone from the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health will discuss misconceptions and offer tips for healthy dieting, in her talk which takes place at Waterstone’s Union Bridge branch on Wednesday (October 14).

Examples of high protein diets which can be used to successfully lose weight will also be shared with the audience at the event which begins at 7pm.

Dr Johnstone said: “There are an abundance of widespread myths surrounding dieting and weight loss, varying from misconceptions about how our metabolic rate functions, through to believing weight is governed only by genetics.

“In my talk I will invite the audience to discuss these common misconceptions and share the scientific facts which debunk those myths.

“I will also discuss the merits of a high protein diet for weight control and show examples of high protein vegetarian and meat based meals which can be eaten as part of a weight loss diet.  The aim will be to show that dieting does not need to be about eating lettuce leaves - portion size needn’t be compromised in order to lose weight.”

Dr Johnstone’s talk - Diet Matters - is the last in the second Café Scientifique series which is hosted by the University and aims to bring issues and debates in science to a public audience.

The event will take place in the Costa Café area of Waterstone’s Union Bridge branch.

The session will kick off with an introduction by Dr Johnstone leading into a longer open-mic discussion where questions will be taken from the audience.

There is no need to book for the talk which is free to attend and open to all.