Aberdeen signs Memorandum of Understanding with leading Chinese universities

A delegation from the University of Aberdeen’s College of Physical Sciences has travelled to the Far East to meet colleagues at leading Chinese Universities to discuss opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Head of the College, Professor Albert Rodger is leading the delegation and on August 31 signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou on behalf of the University.

Professor Jun Zhu, Vice President of Zhejiang University hosted an event to mark the signing ceremony.

Zhejiang University has around 40,000 students and is ranked 3rd in China. The two universities will collaborate on staff and student exchanges and look to develop research collaboration.  

Zhejiang has recently created a new School of Ocean Science and Technology, which will complement the development of the National Subsea Research Institute, located at the University of Aberdeen, which is one of the founding partners.

Professor Rodger also signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Shanghai Jaio Tong University earlier this week, and will sign agreements with Xi’an Jaio Tong University and Beijing Jaio Tong University during the remainder of his visit to China.

He is accompanied on the visit by Professor Celso Grebogi, Dr Bin Wang, and Mrs Kathy Fowler.

Professor Rodgers is pictured chatting with Professor Jun Zhu before the signing at Zhejiang University.