Visiting students comment on the big issues at University of Aberdeen Open Day

Students from Elgin and Bankhead Academies joined a panel of lecturers to comment on some of the biggest issues of the 21st century at the University of Aberdeen's Open Day yesterday (Tuesday September 1).

The event was held in the café area of the University's student services complex and broadcast to dozens of screens around the campus, allowing hundreds of school visitors to tune in over lunch.

The issues under discussion ranged from energy and the environment through to the promotion of science in schools.

The students, who were visiting the Open Day to discover more about the courses and facilities on offer, answered questions posed by members of the audience as well as those on subjects selected ahead of the event.

Professor Gordon Walkden, Director of Teaching and Learning for the University's College of Physical Sciences and Chairperson for the event, said: "The idea was engage as many of our visitors as possible with the Open Day by discussing some of the biggest issues facing us in an informal setting.

“The school students on the panel had no prior warning they would end up participating in this event and did a fantastic job of presenting their views, complimenting those from our own experts".

University staff members, including Dr Liz Baggs, Dr Lizzie Molyneau, Professor Howard Chandler and Professor Bill Naphy, were on hand to assist with the debate.

The event was supported and filmed by the University's media services team for future use in online resource materials.