Top award for Professor Fowler

Professor Paul Fowler has been awarded a prestigious award in recognition of his contribution to the field of environmental influences on fetal development and long-term health in humans and animals.

The Society for Reproduction and Fertility has awarded Professor Fowler the Distinguished Scientist Anne McLaren Award for 2022

Professor Fowler will present the Distinguished Anne McLaren lecture at Fertility 2023.

The Society for Reproduction and Fertility acknowledges research career excellence of premier scientists that have made pioneering scientific contributions to the field of reproductive biology.

Criteria include the development of innovative and insightful hypotheses and the creation of new knowledge thus serving as a foundation for increased understanding of reproductive biology.

Professor Fowler said: "I am very surprised but honoured and delighted to be SRF's distinguished scientist this year. I am very grateful to all my friends and colleagues, from students to professors, who did the hard work."