Online Presentation hosted by Matthew Machin-Autenrieth

On the 1st April at 15:00, Prof. Fulvia Caruso will be presenting the talk: 'Structuring New Belongings: Composing Songs in Italian Extraordinary Reception Centres'

The team for the ERC-funded project 'Past and Present Musical Encounters across the Strait of Gibraltar' is delighted to announce the next speaker for its online series 'Sonic Conversations in the Western Mediterranean'. Prof. Fulvia Caruso from the University of Pavia will be presenting the talk 'Structuring New Belongings: Composing Songs in Italian Extraordinary Reception Centres'.

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The abstract is as follows:

Since 2015, I have been conducting with my students and former students an action research about music and migration in the Padana Plain. It intends to explore the potential of “transcultural capital” (Kiwan and Meinhof, 2011; Meinhof, 2009) as a resource that enables many migrants to creatively link the different values, strengths, and social networks they construct and employ as part of their life trajectories. The project follows three axes: 1) education to transculturality in schools; 2) the documentation and promotion of music in religious rites and musical activities of migrant’s cultural associations; and 3) music in the lives of asylum seekers. My talk will concentrate on the latter, addressing some of the experiences my students and I had in two reception centres in Cremona and in Vigolzone (Piacenza). In Cremona, we followed the development of the Ogene Damba Cremona Boys musical theatre musical group and then we proposed a workshop called Radiomusiché?. In Vigolzone (Piacenza), we organized a musical workshop that started from participatory listenings and led to the composition of songs. The compositional processes have highlighted a multilingualism that deserves to be analysed. Even in the case of these young asylum seekers, who are not musicians and have different levels of musical literacy, composition is a process strongly linked to belongings and affects.