Schoolchildren can Shape Environmental Planning with Treescapes

'A window into the past: using fossil pollen and spores' talk with Dr Ed Schofield as part of TechFest 2021. Monday 15th November, 6.30pm. All welcome - Booking required.

Voices of the future: collaborating with children and young people to reimagine treescapes study looks into how young people connect with and think about trees, woodland and forests known as ‘treescapes’.  This research study aims to find new ways, for children and young people to take part in the challenges around present and future changes of these habitats. 

Funded thanks to UKRI (UK Research and Innovation), over £10 million pounds will be divided up between University researchers, Research institutions and over 40 others, from non- academic organisations, throughout the whole country from many different and varied disciplines and sectors, that all share a vision of working alongside and involving young people and children to find a way forward, for nature-based climate solutions.

Treescapes study is part of an UKRI-funded research project that Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have taken the lead on, to collaborate with numerous different research teams from six UK universities throughout the country. From the University of Aberdeen, Dr Schofield from (Geosciences) will work along with Dr Jo Vergunst (Anthropology) and Dr Liz Curtis (Education) who hope to achieve a stronger awareness of the impact of treescapes, with young people and children, and to develop further, long-standing community research into woodland history, especially around Bennachie, NE Scotland:  Follow on Twitter 

Co-investigator, Dr Ed Schofield, Senior Lecturer from the School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen will give an online lecture on Monday, 15 November at 18:30hrs via TechFest.  

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