Dr Isabella Kasselstrand delivers paper at the International Society for the Sociology of Religion

Dr Isabella Kasselstrand has delivered a paper at the 36th International Society for the Sociology of Religion Conference.

Guided by the theme Religion in Global/Local Perspectives: Diffusion, Migration, Transformation, the conference took place between July 12-15, and while it was due to be hosted in Taipei, it was moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Kasselstrand's paper, entitled 'Secularization and Women’s Employment: Longitudinal Models of Religious Decline', was part of the panel, Religiosity: Analysis Of International And National Quantitative Surveys

In her paper, Dr Kasselstrand drew on aggregated data from the World Values Survey, the European Values Study, and the World Bank to gauge the effects of women’s employment on religious beliefs and participation over time.

Preliminary findings show that an increase in women’s employment is associated with a decrease in both men’s and women’s religiosity

Arguing that gender, and the structural position of women are important to our understanding of religious decline, Dr Kasselstrand's study also sheds significant light on the different impact of changes in men's employment. 

For more information on Dr Kasselstrand's research, visit her page, here