2021 Prize Winners in Art History

As we celebrate the achievements of our graduating Class of 2021, we'd also like to congratulate this year's prize winners in Art History across the undergraduate programme!

Jil Kugener is the recipient of the 2021 Derek Ogston Prize in History of Art, awarded annually to the most proficient student graduating in Honours in History of Art as a single or joint degree.

The 2021 Donal Byrne Prize in Art History, for the best Level 3 essay in the discipline, has been awarded to Elena Markusic.

The 2021 Felicia Murray Lefebvre Prize has been jointly awarded to Gabriela Hernandez-Lugo and Nicole Cogan Maclellan, for writing the best essays at Level 2 in Art History.

It's been a year of exceptional challenges, and incredible hard work from all our students at all levels, and we're so proud of everything they've achieved!