Dr Marta Trzebiatowska interviewed by Deseret News

Dr Marta Trzebiatowska has been interviewed by the long-running Utah-based Deseret News on women's relationship with faith.

Speaking to Mya Jaradat, Dr Trzebiatowska addressed the question, 'Is the future of faith female?'

The answer, she replied, is shaped by multiple social aspects, but particularly the roles that women assume over their lifetime.

"The more time women spend caring for others, especially at crucial moments in the life course, the more sympathetic they are to religion in general, and organized religion in particular. 

This includes caring for and teaching children, and looking after the elderly, among others."

Dr Trzebiatowska has published extensively on gender and religion, and her latest work includes the articles '‘Atheism is not the problem. The problem is being a woman’. Atheist women and reasonable feminism' (2018) and 'Presuming religious congruence? The Nonreligious and Catholicism in Poland' (2021).

She is also the co-author of Why are Women More Religious Than Men? (2012).

To read the full article, visit Deseret News, here.